UPDATED 2024-01-18

Aftonbladet (Scandinavia’s biggest newspaper), places ‘Ride the Night’ as the best song of the year on its list of the top ten hard rock songs.
    Sofia, you write: “A hair-raisingly strong highlight from the album ‘Riders of the ancient storm’...”
    ‘Hair-raising’ is an apt term for what I experienced when I read your list where we were number one. Incredibly honored and happy is what we in Heavy Load are.
    I read that you also gave the album a good review when you reviewed it. Thank you very much for taking the time to listen to Heavy Load’s latest album.

Sofia Bergström of Aftonbladet, December 28, 2023.

Link to the video ‘Ride the Night’:

Sometimes the unexpected is overwhelming, thank you for everything.
    The marvelous support we receive makes this journey unforgettable. To our amazing fans, we must say that your belief in us and our music has fueled our hearts and made us embark on this incredible journey.
    To our great team, we must say that your dedication behind the scenes has been the backbone on our road towards success. We raise our glasses to the gods above for a future of more music, more memories, and continued fantastic adventures with all of you. Thank you for everything.

It has been a long time coming for us to let people hear our new album.

We are very eager to let this bird fly. Although we have kept it hidden in our hearts for so many years, we are now ready to let it free, take the sky, meet the world, and hopefully find its nests with other people.

Our new album Riders of the Ancient Storm can be ordered directly from Noremorse.gr. You can also contact your local dealer.        [   More  >>  ]