UPDATED 2023-09-29


We will meet again. We must meet again. Yes now the sails are hoisted.

The sea of life is there to be enjoyed.
Sail on. Sail on, forever on.

Brothers and Sisters,
You are the Heavy Metal Angels.
Photo: Anastacia Papadaki.

Singing Swords,
Valhalla calls, I´m on my way.
Photo: L.A.Photo.

The king he rose
He´s on his toes.
Photo: Anastacia Papadaki.

Run With the Devil
You can´t take me.
Photo: Anastacia Papadaki (left) and Anders Bellis (right).

Photo: Anastacia Papadaki.

Photo: Anastacia Papadaki.

Thank you for everything. We love you. Without You Heavy Load is nothing.
Photo: Anastacia Papadaki.

Thodoris Vogiatzis from the Heavy Load tribute band
Heathens from the North honoured us by playing bass guitar on “Lionheart” and “Walhalla Warriors”.
Photo: Mary Markoutsaki.

Photo: Anders Bellis.

The crowd and I, we are
the Heavy Metal Warriors.
Photo: Anastacia Papadaki.

Everybody joined in as one in the lyrics.
The power, the energy, the words belonged to all.
Photo: Anastacia Papadaki.

Photo: Anastacia Papadaki.

Drum solo during I´m Alive.
Photo: Anders Bellis.

Photo: Anastacia Papadaki.

You guys always give us so much inspiration wherever we play.
Photo: Mattias Mattisson (Sweden Rock).

We will meet again!
We must meet again!
Thank you! Thank you!
Photo: Anders Bellis.

Photo: L.A.Photo (Sweden Rock).