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A few words about my Viking inspired childhood
The Viking spirit was hovering in the woods, over the fields and the streams when I as a child played the games of adventure. A great part of my childhood and adolescence was spent in the Håga Valley — an ancient Viking centre on the outskirts of Uppsala. Here my grandparents Ragna and Herman had their villa located on the margin of a large forest. It was also here, in these valleys and woods in which once the swords were singing and the axes were being wielded, that my brother Styrbjörn and I played and competed with our cousins in archery, knife throwing and the javelin. Perhaps it was already at this point Wahlgaard Saga was born. However, it had to wait half a century for the saga to be formulated in writing.

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Wahlgaard Saga is the first novel in a series about the Wahlgaard people and the family that is native to Wahlheim’s farm.
    Four siblings do everything in their power to find their abducted sister. The battles, the conflicts, and the encounters with the unknown lead to no one remaining the same when the journey comes to an end.
    Perhaps love awaits in the next harbour, or perhaps something in the soul’s most hidden corner is waiting to be awakened. Could it be that the path to happiness awaits the brave or is it a boundless berserker rage that is awaiting — in which axes and swords sing the song of metal.

The voices from the past resonate in the words
The forest, the seas, and their beings, both humans and animals, exist in an interplay that leads to death for some and to the deepest of friendships for others.
    Bloodshed, orgies, and manipulation are for some the path to power, to a happiness that obliterates all. For others the path to happiness lies in sailing across the ocean of life with those you love and to have the endurance to be stronger than evil — to have the courage to face the darkness that resides deep in the innermost recesses of the soul and thereafter open your heart to a new dawn.
    For those living in a past so vast that we do not know their names, the drives were the same and remain as relevant as they will be tomorrow. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow, it is all the same in the circle of life.

Stronger than Evil refers to a song by the author, exploring similar themes as this novel.

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